Virtual Office

Benefits of Having a Virtual Business Office

Running a business from home for many small businesses is the new norm, especially since many businesses needed to adapt during covid lockdowns and began to realise lower operating costs. A Virtual Office allows businesses to establish a professional presence which reduces their expenses by 15-46% (Omari, A 2022).

Whilst lower operating costs is certainly a benefit, using your home as a business address does pose privacy issues, and can place doubt on your legitimacy and or commitment, potentially undermining your credibility. These spaces allow for enhanced security and personal privacy as mail is sent to a secure address which is forwarded by our private business. Providing proof of a registered office address is required by the ASIC when registering a business, therefore our virtual office spaces are beneficial for local as well as remote workers (Birt, J 2023).

Some businesses go down the path of paying for a PO Box, this, however, does not instill any confidence in potential clients. A physical business address can be used on your website, business cards, marketing material, google business listings, invoices, bills, business registrations etc., it helps legitimise your business.

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